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Randy Wright

Megan is an outstanding asset to my real estate team our as Transaction Coordinator!  Very Valuable.  She is high energy, knowledgable and very proactive.  I truly feel like we are a she has my back.  We have established an open and honest culture on communication which really allows us to grow individually and as a superstar team.  I really enjoy working with Megan and thankful to have her with us.

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Paul Stukin

I’ve been selling homes for more than 15 years and I’ve worked with a lot of TC’s. I can say without a question Meghan is by far the best TC I’ve ever worked with . Her attention to detail is stupendous. I can call her and she has access to all my files immediately. She knows all the contracts like nobody’s business. Most importantly I trust her with my file and my clients. Megan is truly a one stop shop for all your transaction needs from an offer to the close of escrow. 


Wendy Moore

What did I do before Megan? She is amazingly thorough, helps keep me and my business on track, and is there in a pinch.

Best of all she does everything with class, charm and a sense of humor! My clients love her and I consider myself lucky to work with her.


Marco Naggar

Megan is the team member you can’t do without. She is an incredibly talented TC; organized, knowledgeable, honest, available, she’ll save you in a moment of dire need, all the while being the ray of sunshine of your transaction. I could go on... and on... but in brief, your business needs her. But the real question is do you deserve her?


Taylor Nakaki

You couldn't find a better resource for all of your real estate transactional needs. Megan provides a rare combination of punctuality and detail oriented service from pre-approval to close. I will continue to entrust Megan with all of my clients and future business!


Jennifer Norminton

Megan is the best in the business! For the longest time I was using the assistants that are free with the brokerage, which caused me nothing but headaches. Megan believes that customer service is of the utmost importance and it shows. She is an ALL STAR!


Shaya Lowenstein

Finding Megan was the best thing to happen to my business! In addition to handling ALL of the paperwork, she takes care of the logistics as well, allowing me to focus on my business. 


Arvin Haddad

Megan was my right hand. She was instrumental in doubling my business and scaling it to greater lengths. Her real passion and skills are in holding the fort down and managing the entire backend of a transaction. All of our clients loved her, and she has been a huge asset in my business!

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Chris Kwon

Wouldn’t trust anyone else with my transactions. Megan has been doing this for over 8 years, and it shows!


Ursula Henry

If you want to increase your business from a little to a lot or from a lot to a lot more, Megan is your girl. Let her provide the support you need to grow your business.

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