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Audit purchase agreement & counter offers & supply an executed copy to all parties




Open escrow, obtain a file number, request preliminaries, & instructions

Send escrow calendar to all parties

Create property folder w. 24/7 accessible link

Order NHD Report & Home Warranty & HOA Docs

Provide a completed Seller Disclosure Package and deliver to the buyer's agent and monitor a timely return, as well as ensure that all contract time-lines are adhered to

Gather disclosures prepared by the buyer and send for seller signature (if on buy side)

Send copies of the termite & any other reports to buyer's agent

Confirm the buyer has sent EMD

Escrow follow up to check in on completed paperwork & Prelim

Request contingency removal from buyer's agent (if list side)

Draft addendums, modifications, request for repairs at agent instruction, & notify all parties

Upload the complete file to cooperating brokerage system and Google Drive

Check in w. lender about appraisal & loan approval

Schedule all Appointments (Home Inspection, Termite, Final Walk Thru, etc)

Gather inspection reports and draft request for repairs per agent instruction

Gather the Draft Escrow instructions & Title Report and audit for completion

Confirm credits and price reductions to escrow and the lender (if applicable)

Schedule appraisal and communicate time with seller

Order 9a Report

Schedule retrofit & confirm Certificate of Compliance

Attend all inspections at the property

Attend the final walk thru

Send utility list to clients

Change status in MLS (Under Contract, Pending, & Closed)

Order "For Sale" sign down

Call client with funding & recording confirmation

Order client closing gift

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